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Lago d'Iseo- Limited edition 

Handmade Limited Edition Strap (2x8 straps) for Panerai

Created during the temporaryart project by
Christo : "The Floating Piers"

Other dimensions possible upon request

Price is 259,- Euro (incl 21% VAT and regular shipment) per strap.

A set containing both straps, with identical number, is limited available for 495,- Euro (incl 21% VAT and regular worldwide shipment.

important note:
For customers outside the EU the 21% VAT is distracted from the price at the order!

"Lago d'Iseo" - limited edition watch strap

"Lago d’Iseo” - Handmade Limited Edition Watch Strap for Panerai

Created during the temporary art project by Christo, "The Floating Piers". On the 1st of July both pieces of leather travelled with me from the Netherlands and were soaked in “Lago d’Iseo” during the art project of Cristo: “The Floating Piers” that was from a temporary character and only existed June 18 through July 3, 2016.

This handmade limited edition watch strap is availible in two different colors.

Situated by the Lake are some lovely towns and it is also the headquarter of Italian yacht company “Riva”. During the 2nd World War the lake was used by the Xª Flottiglia MAS (used the vintage Panerai diving instruments) to do some testing of manned submarines

The normally isolated Island: “Isola di San Paolo” and Christo’s: “The Floating Piers” were part of, and the environment for, the process of soaking the leather.

This unique timeslot, location and it’s historical background are added to the story of the limited edition “Lago d’Iseo” strap.

Christo’s floating work of art was only accessible for 16 days and the temporary character of the experience is adding to the uniqueness of the whole experience.

16 days… so only 16 “Lago d’Iseo” straps.

2 colors… so 8 per color….

2 x 8 vintage style handmade straps made from the pieces of leather that took part in:

  • the experience of, and on, Christo’s “The Floating Piers“. Soaked between the artwork and the isolated “Isola di San Paolo”.
  • soaked in the water of “Lago d’Iseo” where the Vintage Panerai divers watches were used by the Xª Flottiglia MAS.

The vintage heritage of the strap can be seen in by the handmade buckle that refers to Panerai History and the way the strap is made. The strap is 26 (27) mm wide and 165-95mm like the dimensions in the 1940’s. (Dimensions can be changed on customer request!)

100% handmade, superb leather, hand-stitched and tripple-folded like the vintage straps were made.

Each strap will be marked “Lago d’Iseo” and will have a unique number in the series of 2 x 8.

The straps are available per strap or it is possible to buy a set of two handmade straps, with the same unique production number.

These limited edition handmade straps can be ordered via:

Price is 259,- Euro (incl 21%VAT) per strap, including worldwide regular shipment. 
(NON-EU customers: 21% VAT will be distracted from the price at the order)

A set of 2 straps (light and dark leather) with identical number is limited availible for 495,- Euro 
(incl 21%VAT), including regular worldwide shipment.
(NON-EU customers: 21% VAT will be distracted from the price at the order)


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